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Jan Miller - On Air - OUT NOW!

Jan Miller - On Air is OUT NOW on Delaforce Recordings, including 4 superbly produced remixes by Derek Palmer, Edward Rohm, Sebastian Montano and Tau-Rine.

Jan Miller - Deity

Unique Picks mixed by Photographer ist out now, including my new track "Deity". The mix-compilation is proudly presented by Unique Sense Records and brings you a cocktail of pure energy.

Unique Picks

Unique Picks

My new track "Deity" is part of "Unique Picks", the new mix-compilation from Unique Sense Records, mixed by Photographer.

Jan Miller - Topaz

My new single "Topaz" is out now on Maracaido Records. This energetic proglifting trancer will transfer you to another magical world - to let your mind and body flow - you will get lifted straight away!

Jan Miller - Conquer

Jan Miller - "Conquer" is out now on Maracaido Records. An exceptionally creative and infectious trance track with lots of unpredictable twists and a gorgeous melody.